Wetland of South Kalimantan 2021: The Existing Documentation of Wetland Example, Locations, Type, and Classification


Dienny Redha Rahmani
University of Muhammadiyah Banjarmasin
Keywords: Wetland, Wetland of South Kalimantan, 2021, Existing Wetland, Wetland Classification, Wetland Documentation, Wetland Location, Wetland Type, South Kalimantan


Wetlands are areas with sensitive characteristics to various kinds of activities. The problem that arises is, its existence has not been a concern for both stakeholders and the community in developing countries such as Indonesia. South Kalimantan is one of the areas that is dominated by wetlands, which at first glance the number is shrinking every year.

This book is the result of documenting examples of the existence of wetlands in South Kalimantan which are arranged by location, type, and classification. The existence of this book is expected to be a starting point for recording the timeline of the existence and condition of wetlands from time to time. Of course, the data in this book is far from complete. Therefore, it still needs improvement.

December 30, 2021